Fun Facts:

Shannon is lucky to play Patrick Olwell flutes ( and Michael Burke whistles ( . She also plays a Saltarelle accordion. (

Shannon’s newest project is a podcast (and companion one-woman live show), Irish Music Stories. With her knowledge of traditional music, journalistic upbringing, and obsession with quality podcasts, Irish Music Stories provides an inside look at the thriving, global Irish music scene. But like all good stories, you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy it! Launching in 2017.

Outside of Irish music pursuits, Shannon
– Composes for flutes, strings and piano–music that showcases the existing strengths and artistry of classical players, while also conveying a sense of informed Irish style
– Blogs at Leap Little Frog about nesting, being creative, traveling, and parenting (
– Enjoys running anywhere, especially on soft pine needles with a good friend (and loves her Runkeeper app!)
– Loves reading great books like Prayer for Owen Meany, Cloud Atlas, Corelli’s Mandolin, IQ84, Elegance of the Hedgehog
– Speaks fluent Thai and always gets the best thing on the menu at Thai restaurants
– Has become an expert in naming the various sizes and shapes of Lego bricks thanks to her son, Nigel