Matt Heaton-Toddlerbilly Troubadour

Boston-Based Matt Heaton performs an infectous mix of sing-along classics and surf inspired originals for the whole family.


Matt Heaton performs in the well-known Irish music duo of Matt & Shannon Heaton. But before noon, he is a skilled entertainer for kids, with a repertoire of kid-friendly folk & surf-inspired originals and reworked classics. Like musicians before him, he took a keen interest in music for kids after the birth of his son, leading engaging sing-alongs that he hoped adults could enjoy too. Armed with a bundle of new and traditional material he organized a whole lot of extra babysitting and created his new CD, "Happy You Made It." "Happy" is a banquet of acoustic & electric guitars, toy drums & percussion, bouzouki, banjo & bodhran. The instruments share the stage in a lighthearted romp through twelve songs, a mix of originals and creative reworkings of standards.

"Matt is a wonderful and talented musician. He tries very diligently to engage his entire audience and succeeds by being surrounded by happy caretakers and dancing children! He is also clever and funny and keeps the entire room delighted. We feel very blessed to have him as part of our library performers."
Karen Dillon--Arlington, MA Public Library

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